Inspection & Maintenances


Servicing your Medical Refrigeration Equipment


  • We undertake a comprehensive inspection service that ensures your Medical refrigeration equipment for the storage of blood and blood products complies with AS3864
  • We issue the inspection with a NATA endorsed certificate
  • Backed up by a professional and accredited service team who respond to your needs


As part of the inspection service we test and tag all mains power electrical equipment for safe working conditions.

Sci-Tek Systems service:

  • Blood storage refrigerators in accordance with AS3864
  • Blood plasma freezers in accordance with AS3864
  • Vaccine/Reagent refrigerators
  • Pharmacy refrigerators
  • Laboratory Freezers including ultralow down to -85°C
  • Temperature Control Cabinets
  • Centrifuges – refrigerated and non refrigerated
  • Ice Machines
  • Incubators





In accordance with AS3864 we provide an alarm calibration service for all of your blood storage refrigerators and blood plasma freezers.


  • Our reference thermometers are calibrated annually by NATA accredited facility.
  • We issue the calibration with a NATA endorsed certificate
  • Our calibration temperature ranges from -80°C to 15°C





In addition to our scheduled inspection and calibration services we can also repair your equipment. Due to our vast industry experience and knowledge our qualified team of technicians work hard to ensure your medical refrigeration equipment is operating at the highest standard. We are able to access a wide range of parts through our large network of suppliers.

Servicing you medical refrigeration needs